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    alright, so here is what I've noticed so far: when you've been playing for a bit and gotten some kills and deaths and you try to turn spy in tab it shows all the kills and deaths you've gotten and if you're a level 1 PV2 it would be impossible to disguise, everyone can abuse this because say you have 25 kills and 10 deaths and you're a level 1 PV2, and you wanna claim you just got on and you're new. when they see tab they'd instantly know you're a spy. Here is what I want changed: Have spy be able to access US store/storage/contraband, Have spy be able to choose the level and where speed/jump/regen points, and make it where either spy can choose kills and deaths or reset it to 0 when they disguise, make it where if a US shoots a spy by mistake they take damage as if they shot a teammate but if the spy gets discovered by an MP the spy will be able to take damage and US will not. Have spies be able to be promoted by their officers or recruited into new branches. explanation of why those things need to be added: spy accessibility to US store/storage/contraband: in the past I've been to weed growing bust down operations as a spy and when my higher up told me to buy a backpack I couldn't because I couldn't access the store/storage, and when I've been told to sell weed to contraband I couldn't because I didn't have access to it, that blows the disguise right away and since I'm disguised as a US I should be able to access things a normal US soldier should, because in real life if I were a spy and were to go up to a guy who sells the weapons, he wouldn't know I'm a spy would sell them to me. Spy being able to choose level/speed etc points: okay, say you're a level 1 PV2 army and US sees you running like you have max speed and jump like you have max jump? I don't even need to explain further why this should be a thing because its really easy to get caught because of it. make it where if a US shoots a spy, team damage: this happened to me before and when I was a spy someone did a "test" on me because no MP was on and so they shot me and then killed me because they didn't take damage and I couldn't do anything about it because no staff was on, I had no proof, and it was before I was a staff member. Now if a spy is discovered by MP make it where US is now able to kill them without taking damage, or enforce a rule where if a spy is discovered 100% then they have to take off disguise. Now this doesn't have to be a thing but I think it would be more fair if it was a thing because it being not a thing can be abused. Spy being able to be promoted/recruited into new branches: say an officer saw a spy get good and tried to promote him but it didn't let him because he is a spy, in real life that would not be the case, the spy would be able to get promoted and so I think it should be aswell in game, for being able to get recruited is because I think it would add more RP to spies because they can gather more information if they join special forces like devgru or just join marines when spy is army but it isn't a must, now say a spy joined MP, they can't use the taser or ID scanner because when they need to redeploy for that and if they redeploy they redeploy as jund al sham and not US so they can't use taser to capture or anything. PROS: stuff that sometimes are abused will no longer be abused, MP will be more important, more realism will be added, and being a spy will be more fun and not annoying because people abuse stuff like what I stated above. CONS: honestly in my perspective I don't see any bad side to this, since it will be fixing stuff but the last one might be bad, I'm not sure.
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    Cloud9 and I believe that for RP reasons the US Special Operations factions should have the privilege to call themselves JSOC. Also, because I know that Dom will see this at some point. It would make more sense realistically because the way for Delta, DEVGRU, and Raiders to conduct JOINT OPERATIONS all happen through JSOC. So, being told that JSOC does not exist on our server essentially deems it impossible for SOC factions to conduct operations together. Factions are made for special purposes. Such as RP Wise, DEVGRU Specializes in Hostage Rescue/Stealth operations, Delta Specializes in more so Recon/Intel, and Raiders is who we send in to finish the job with brute force. Being as we all have these specific situations that we train for and conduct. Without JSOC, DEVGRU and Raiders are always going in blind because we cannot utilize the data that Delta has gathered. Raiders has a lesser chance of succeeding in raids because DEVGRU cannot take out/capture the important people beforehand causing Raiders to be extremely outnumbered. Lastly, Delta cannot use all of their resources such as the hard hitting punch of Raiders or the surgical-like precision of DEVGRU to conduct the operations we are tasked with. Together, these three forces can be unstoppable if you would just allow us to be JSOC and share our intelligence in one Bank. DISCLAIMER: THERE IS NO CODING GOING INTO THIS IT IS ONLY FOR RP REASONS. It will alleviate some of the "TDM" feel of the server by adding more RP to be conducted.
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    We are actively looking for talented individuals to assist in the leadership of the United States Military Police Corps. Anyone here from the Navy knows my policy on things like this. Military Police will be exercising an officer initiative program effective immediately. We are actively seeking the following: Executive Officer, Colonel/BrigGen Captain, All Operations Second Lieutenant, 89th Combat Brigade Detachment Warrant Officer Grade 1, 89th Combat Brigade Detachment Chief Warrant Officer Grades 2 & 3, Rapid Response and Special Response Teams Sergeant Major of the Military Police Corps (SMP), Senior Enlisted Advisor (All Operations) Command Sergeant Major, Rapid Response and Special Response Teams Command Sergeant Major, 89th Combat Brigade Detachment Command Sergeant Major, Defensive Weapons and Tactics Division If you believe you have what it takes to lead the Military Police, contact me immediately. High ranking positions that are outside of your scope of promotion will be made available through an interview in front of the board of senior commissioned officers and general officers. Officers who are interested from other branches should contact me about transfers. If you have any questions in regards to the various Military Police detachments and operations, please seek out myself or one of my officers.
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    Well, I believe that one of the reasons that other servers are successful is because they are able to fulfill peoples desire of being important. Maybe make more MOS's so that people feel like they have more of a job to do. And also make war times, so people can RP more in between and its not the same cycle if people running back and forth from kunduz. Maybe the owners of each branch should try to spread out the amount of players in each branch so that its not 20 marines 2 navy and 7 army. Also make promotions less frequent, only promote if they got a recommendation or if you personally saw that they deserved one. Otherwise enlisted will only hop on every few days to get promoted and theres no point in that, Its too easy. A bigger map would also be great, because people like to explore in like cities or forests or something. And my last recommendation is that we just remove kunduz in general if we cant get a new map, because while there is a kunduz, there will always be people there limiting rp and therefore making it boring. If I wanted to go shoot the same person in the same place over and over again I would go play COD. -fordser
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    Note: Yes, technically I've formally resigned as Trial Moderator and relinquished my in-game rank around two weeks ago. I realize that because of that, I shouldn't standing on much ground here, suggesting things about the server and community that I for all intended purposes recently abandoned. I'm making these because I despite the issues and frustrations I may have (and some are being listed below), I genuinely like the dudes that made this all happen. From the experiences I had in the staff meeting/s, to in-game, it says a lot not only seeing the execs participating in-game, but having more than 3 dudes working on a project together and seeing them not wring eachother's necks in disagreement, at least publicly, is a hopeful sight lmao. Hopefully despite my hypocrisy in wanting the server to do well in light of my resignation, the suggestions and e perspective I share shed light on some areas of potential frustration and spark a conversation about how to tackle the general areas I address, if they're not blatantly accepted and the sentiments aren't completely shared by everyone reading. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #1: Addressing Community Deterioration I had initially planned to type out a few detailed paragraphs as to why things dipped as they were and some signs I picked up some weeks/month prior, but I was generalizing in some areas that might be picked up by some remaining players the wrong way, so I'll leave it out and just talk about the a fix. Currently, there's no playerbase to support the amount of factions currently present. Even when there was enough to support some SOC, it deteriorated to where it is now, leaving dead content and wasted time/effort by the devs. In my opinion, this was partially due to leaving some key positions to some players with shaky leadership qualities, but a fix to that would be to formally lock all factions except the two entry for the time being. A lot of players who the server was betting on for it to grow dipped whenever they found it inconvenient to themselves, me included, and that showed that a lot of trusted players were taking advantage of the fact that it was a new server to stat-pad their reputation through ranks, instead of wanting to do the dirty work of getting a new server off its feat, which is next to impossible these days. Fix: Have the two most trusted and competent people leading the factions, Army and Taliban. Everything else is locked, including Commander applications. However, let players know that those who've climbed up enough can be hand-chosen to lead the next faction once the playerbase rises and can fill those roles. Centralizing the ranks like this makes it easier to screen those willing and able from those unwilling. It also gives the devs more time to find out the issue with the SOC hitboxes in the meantime (My guess is it might not just be the SOC ones from experience, but I may be wrong) by keeping the SOC factions for US closed. The reality is, single digit peaks per day isn't going to take advantage of the summer boom. No one is going to want to click on a low-pop server to have fun - most likely you may be attracting misfits and those looking to power-grab early on, which is why centralizing everything is important. This way allows the best to be allocated to a couple areas, avoiding burnout of trying to keep active multiple factions through tryouts of a weakening entry faction for other factions. #2 Committing to TDM or Role play This is all speculation on my end, but it seems like the server is trying to be super-serious whilst also trying to maintain the atmosphere of an arena-type TDM server. These two can't co-exist with one another. The first reason is because Taliban is a side that becomes very difficult, especially for a Garry's Mod community, to properly roleplay with, while the US can be heavily based on Roleplay alone. The issue begins to arise when you have a lot of (great) events and features coded in that promoted a TDM environment such as kill-death ratio, the ability to raid continuously with a short-timer, etc, and you have two sides with two completely different understandings of how to play the server. This creates friction, because Terrorists just want to kill, and US just want to roleplay. It creates friction w/ RP scenarios, because Taliban doesn't find the worth in executing them properly (because there isn't much, to be fair) and US can't becomes competitive because of hitboxes. Icefuse from my awareness handled this by making it purely RP centric - sure there is conflict, but it doesn't make it competitive as it can be on NextLife. There are additions like extra HP and armour there that make it systematically less about the kills, and more about your performance and perception in your respective country. From what I can see, there are two ways to sell a server - make it competitive and have your ranks partially reflect your ability to perform on the battlefield, or have it be about how you perform your duties in your respective country. You can obviously have both, and you should, but the point I'm making is that you can't have a RP-centric server with competitive TDM elements incorporated. Fix: My personal opinion is that the server is better suited to be competitive, with Roleplay being in the backdrop - a special requirement for those only in the highest levels of leadership to be able to perform well. Roleplay, in the sense of acting out a character, isn't something suited to the Garry's Mod community, and letting people feel like them being themselves is what garnered achievement is what makes them stay, and it's what every currently successful MRP is doing currently, because it works (this is a mini jab at those character bios for Commander apps too, yes haha.) FIx cont: The big ticket item to attract a competitive environment is to have a giant timed event, either a PUSH type event where opposing sides spawn on Silo/Monastary flanks, and work to defend and push points one by one through the Town. Another could be setting up three objectives, that being the safe-house Cave system (would have to address spawns from Jihadists), US base (Likewise w/ this one), and Town. Before war, briefings would be about how to distribute forces and plan tactics in order to take over the objective/s. This giant event being centre stage means that every faction matters, and so activity matters. Wins and losses will be an indicator on potential deficiencies in activity or talent on either sides, and it makes it easy to keep count of who's doing their job, and adds a key incentive for players to grind and progress so that they can be rewarded w/ ranks, etc. The server, despite it's bullet registration issues w/ hitboxes, easily boasts the most satisfying gunplay of every MRP, and has one of the best in Garry's Mod in general. I think it would be wise to capitalize on that strong foundation. #3 General Server Fixes Map: Drastic FPS Loss at high population. I personally witnessed this issue when the server hit 50+ pop weeks ago, and despite my rig being fairly decent, I was hitting single digit FPS numbers during events, as were many others. If the server hits those numbers again, optimization will be the biggest obstacle preventing the server's growth. Invisible cover at distances. Gunplay is one of the biggest draws to this server, and nothing is worse than shooting a person, not being able to see them in cover. It's anti-RP and anti-fun, and ruins a lot more gunfights than you would think so in practice. View range allowing to cover spawns of enemy as choke-points. The map's biggest issue is the ability for spawns to be used as choke points at distance. And yes, US do have the ability to use the Village side as do Terrorists with their main base-side to avoid instant death usually, but that doesn't address the fact that people would rather not because of the other option's strategical convenience for lower population. I don't see it being much of an issue with 70+ people on, since in theory everywhere would be a battlefield thus everywhere needs to be watched due to the sheer amount of players, but for the time being, it's something that's worth noting. Fix: Lower view distance, acting as a "fog of war" to both increase FPS by having less things rendered at once, eliminate the ability to overwatch choke points from the other base, and provide an alternative to not having cover rendered and visible in engagements. Hitboxes: I came from an overly (understatement, trust me) competitive MRP server, and so trust me when I say that despite this being the most annoying to read and deal with topic, it's the nail in the coffin for why the playerbase is what it is now. US tried to be competitive once Taliban got impatient and urged combat, and noticed that they were systematically fucked, so they stopped playing the server. It's no coincidence that since people posted those hitbox screenshots in Discord confirming their worries, people flocked away to the point of hitting single-digit player peaks. (sorry for the amount of reading lmao, but this thread was directed purely for those willing to read this amount to begin with, so I'm not too sorry >:))
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    +1 I agree with many of the points mentioned. A few of my thoughts: - It's extremely frustrating to deal with certain elements you can't change yourself, for example the amount of levels your characters will show as a spy. Another thing is no access to the US Weapons Store as well as other US only NPCs. - I don't think that players should be allowed to change their skill points without a penalty. If they so choose, they can always reset their points for a price of $10,000 in the My Character menu. - I think that spies should not be allowed to join special branches of the US, and should only still be able to pose as a member of the Army, Navy, or Marines. Not only would a spy in the special forces be immediately detected as a spy due to the intimate number of people in each of those branches, a spy in the military police for example would make no sense as they wouldnt have access to an ID scanner.
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    +1 I’m currently over level 160, so I’ve had alot of time to think about what possible perks those people who are dedicated to the server could receive. I’m personally against adding too many extra abilities, as I see that it would only give higher level players even more advantages over newer players. Max run speed and jump height is already an huge advantage. I’m not against added money bonuses, as it could give players an incentive to keep grinding. However, players who do this will continue to regardless of a small monetary compensation. One idea I have about the issue of levels would be a prestige system, where a player could redeem their levels for possibly a very small perk, or some sort of identifier like a badge? Players could “prestige” at level 65 at max stats or maybe at a more even number such as level 100. At a certain point, players don’t receive cosmetic rewards after some level. Overall, I agree with Hei that players who are active on the server past the max skill levels should be rewarded.
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    +1 I think this is a good idea because it gives more reason to stay in a branch.
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    Well consider this. When you first join the "Afghani militarized forces", you are Taliban. Just like when you first join the US Military you start as Army. Their loadouts are not supposed to be anything amazing or over the top, they serve their purpose for combat. Now we transition to Al-Qaeda, which can compare to the US Army's Delta Force. They have a little more training (or so they should) and they have better loadouts, while being a little more difficult to join the ranks. Now you have Jund al-Sham, which is even more of an exclusive branch due to their Military Occupational Specialties (MOS's), the fact that they have more MOS's than your standard branch (if I recall they have 5, where all other branches, jihadists and US alike only have 4), and they have arguably the best weaponry the Jihadists can offer, but joining Jund al-Sham is about as hard as @Phantom makes it to join DEVGRU. So if Jund al-Sham has a weapon that outperforms it's Al-Qaeda counterpart, that would be not only acceptable, but would also make Jund al-Sham more of a valuable asset on the field. So in conclusion, TL;DR yes, you are catching on. Jund al-Sham are the Jihadist elite. Just like DEVGRU/DF/Raiders are the US elite.
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