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  1. Lyndon

    I am Major Lyndon of the USMP, feel free to send me your inquiries on joining us.
  2. Lyndon

    I will +1 this idea, or at least a slight push again if nocollide is too much
  3. I can +1 or -1 my own staff application
  4. Lyndon

    You know how phone keyboards have a gif option now and like how you can type /tenor *search tags* and itll give you gifs? Obviously typing something for the gif would be dumb to do and a simple button would be epic
  5. Welcome Tre!

    1. Dom Danderson

      Dom Danderson

      You know this is Dom, right? Lol

    2. Lyndon


      I had no clue haha

  6. Lyndon


    Having something that would allowed you to search giffy or tenor for gifs in a post instead of having to enter a link for the gif would be cool
  7. Lyndon

    Roger Doger
  8. Lyndon

    Thanks for the guide, I needed this. I am broke boy.
  9. This is when requesting to join a branch "Request Pending" overlaps the text explaining the request
  10. Lyndon

    Staff Apps

    I can't see my forum mod app, however it qont let me make one if for some reason it just didnt go through. It let me do 2 ingame mod applications and lets me view them as well
  11. I won the day on april 18th due to most liked comment, thanks fellas! Now on the road to 50 posts

  12. Lyndon

    This is just something from another forum im in
  13. Lyndon

    Post edits

    If edited within a minute, dont show edit tag. Its unflattering when every knows u made a grammar mistake, but more useful to have the edit notice after because usually those are the more important edits
  14. Lyndon

    Good shit dom, give more rep