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  1. Dom Danderson

    I agree with all these points.
  2. Dom Danderson

    With the influx of suggestions being made we bring ourselves here. The purpose of this thread is to allow the community in it's entirety to voice their opinions on what is the next big thing missing from the NLN MilitaryRP server. Whether this be a roleplay aspect that we should incorporate, a change in the rules, new events, etc if you have a suggestion you feel would improve your time and enjoyment on Next Life, we want to hear from you. Post your suggestions as a reply to this thread in an organized manner. I'm not asking you to follow any set template, but what I am asking is a run down of your suggestion, what it would do, how it affects the server, and the significance of having your suggestion implemented. Currently on the to do list: Player initiated events, determined by a voting system The above to do list is subject to change as things are suggested, added, etc. Make your voices heard!
  3. Denied. Even if there is no code involved, having a joint command would imply that there is a separate commander outside of each SF branch that runs joint operations. Amongst other things, the server does not need more division of it's people.
  4. Dom Danderson

    I can agree to this. To eliminate the problem of it being a lag fest with offline players we can apply the same limitations that are in place on player and admin history; after two weeks the entry is hidden/removed.
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  6. Dom Danderson

    Locked and pinned.
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  8. Dom Danderson

    We have added specific functionality to the forums to allow the embed of Google Docs. This helps to make rosters more publicly available etc. Embedding a Google Doc is very simple. In your Google Doc, click File, then click "Publish to Web". From here, you will be presented a box that looks like this. From here, we can specify what pages of a spreadsheet we want to share if we click on where it says "Entire Document" and select a specific page. Once you've set it the way you want it, making sure we are using the LINK and not the embed, click Publish, copy the link, and post it into a content edit area like a new post. The forum will automatically recognize the Google Doc link, and translate it into a full embed of your document based on your settings.
  9. Dom Danderson

    If this gets more feedback I will definitely consider doing it. I could possibly tie this into the new Soldier Management System I've been playing with.
  10. Dom Danderson

    We are actively looking for talented individuals to assist in the leadership of the United States Military Police Corps. Anyone here from the Navy knows my policy on things like this. Military Police will be exercising an officer initiative program effective immediately. We are actively seeking the following: Executive Officer, Colonel/BrigGen Captain, All Operations Second Lieutenant, 89th Combat Brigade Detachment Warrant Officer Grade 1, 89th Combat Brigade Detachment Chief Warrant Officer Grades 2 & 3, Rapid Response and Special Response Teams Sergeant Major of the Military Police Corps (SMP), Senior Enlisted Advisor (All Operations) Command Sergeant Major, Rapid Response and Special Response Teams Command Sergeant Major, 89th Combat Brigade Detachment Command Sergeant Major, Defensive Weapons and Tactics Division If you believe you have what it takes to lead the Military Police, contact me immediately. High ranking positions that are outside of your scope of promotion will be made available through an interview in front of the board of senior commissioned officers and general officers. Officers who are interested from other branches should contact me about transfers. If you have any questions in regards to the various Military Police detachments and operations, please seek out myself or one of my officers.
  11. Dom Danderson

    Well consider this. When you first join the "Afghani militarized forces", you are Taliban. Just like when you first join the US Military you start as Army. Their loadouts are not supposed to be anything amazing or over the top, they serve their purpose for combat. Now we transition to Al-Qaeda, which can compare to the US Army's Delta Force. They have a little more training (or so they should) and they have better loadouts, while being a little more difficult to join the ranks. Now you have Jund al-Sham, which is even more of an exclusive branch due to their Military Occupational Specialties (MOS's), the fact that they have more MOS's than your standard branch (if I recall they have 5, where all other branches, jihadists and US alike only have 4), and they have arguably the best weaponry the Jihadists can offer, but joining Jund al-Sham is about as hard as @Phantom makes it to join DEVGRU. So if Jund al-Sham has a weapon that outperforms it's Al-Qaeda counterpart, that would be not only acceptable, but would also make Jund al-Sham more of a valuable asset on the field. So in conclusion, TL;DR yes, you are catching on. Jund al-Sham are the Jihadist elite. Just like DEVGRU/DF/Raiders are the US elite.
  12. Dom Danderson

    This is somewhat intentional. Before the last wave of weapon changes mostly every single sniper was like shooting lasers to the point where both sides would complain "he's cheating" or "I can't do anything including leave spawn". So the response is to increase the damage output but also increase the recoil, so a well placed shot is all it takes, and if you have to follow up it's not easy to achieve.
  13. Dom Danderson

  14. Dom Danderson

    Points should be fixed.