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  1. Also one more thing I'd like to add is that I think Spies should be able to press the trainer button so they can RP as a new player
  2. I agree with what you said, what I thought when I wrote about spies joining special forces was that if they join MP, the real MP wouldn't check their ID because their MP, but I mean if this was implemented I think it'd be fun seeing every MP just checking each other everyday lol, anyhow I still think spies should be able to be promoted by the officers since as I said in the post, say during debrief an officer says they got recommendations for the spy and they said "alright I'm going to promote this guy" and then it doesn't work and then every single US know that "that guy" is a spy. Overall yeah now I think about it the special forces part is stupid.
  3. alright, so here is what I've noticed so far: when you've been playing for a bit and gotten some kills and deaths and you try to turn spy in tab it shows all the kills and deaths you've gotten and if you're a level 1 PV2 it would be impossible to disguise, everyone can abuse this because say you have 25 kills and 10 deaths and you're a level 1 PV2, and you wanna claim you just got on and you're new. when they see tab they'd instantly know you're a spy. Here is what I want changed: Have spy be able to access US store/storage/contraband, Have spy be able to choose the level and where speed/jump/regen points, and make it where either spy can choose kills and deaths or reset it to 0 when they disguise, make it where if a US shoots a spy by mistake they take damage as if they shot a teammate but if the spy gets discovered by an MP the spy will be able to take damage and US will not. Have spies be able to be promoted by their officers or recruited into new branches. explanation of why those things need to be added: spy accessibility to US store/storage/contraband: in the past I've been to weed growing bust down operations as a spy and when my higher up told me to buy a backpack I couldn't because I couldn't access the store/storage, and when I've been told to sell weed to contraband I couldn't because I didn't have access to it, that blows the disguise right away and since I'm disguised as a US I should be able to access things a normal US soldier should, because in real life if I were a spy and were to go up to a guy who sells the weapons, he wouldn't know I'm a spy would sell them to me. Spy being able to choose level/speed etc points: okay, say you're a level 1 PV2 army and US sees you running like you have max speed and jump like you have max jump? I don't even need to explain further why this should be a thing because its really easy to get caught because of it. make it where if a US shoots a spy, team damage: this happened to me before and when I was a spy someone did a "test" on me because no MP was on and so they shot me and then killed me because they didn't take damage and I couldn't do anything about it because no staff was on, I had no proof, and it was before I was a staff member. Now if a spy is discovered by MP make it where US is now able to kill them without taking damage, or enforce a rule where if a spy is discovered 100% then they have to take off disguise. Now this doesn't have to be a thing but I think it would be more fair if it was a thing because it being not a thing can be abused. Spy being able to be promoted/recruited into new branches: say an officer saw a spy get good and tried to promote him but it didn't let him because he is a spy, in real life that would not be the case, the spy would be able to get promoted and so I think it should be aswell in game, for being able to get recruited is because I think it would add more RP to spies because they can gather more information if they join special forces like devgru or just join marines when spy is army but it isn't a must, now say a spy joined MP, they can't use the taser or ID scanner because when they need to redeploy for that and if they redeploy they redeploy as jund al sham and not US so they can't use taser to capture or anything. PROS: stuff that sometimes are abused will no longer be abused, MP will be more important, more realism will be added, and being a spy will be more fun and not annoying because people abuse stuff like what I stated above. CONS: honestly in my perspective I don't see any bad side to this, since it will be fixing stuff but the last one might be bad, I'm not sure.
  4. hei

    +1 this seems like it would be fun to RP
  5. hei

    +1, this sounds like it would be very fun to do as a civilian job. And it would add more RP to the server.
  6. hei

    I agree with both of you, but I think there should be an option to sort it by, for ex: sort by online,latest,most active, etc. It’s a +1 from me.
  7. Hello, so as most of you know after you reach level 65 you max out all abilities and then it becomes meaningless for people to start grinding to level up anymore, which is what I heard from some of those people who are higher level, so I have two ideas in mind. 1. after you become level 65 and you have all abilities maxed out, you get money for every time you level, now the amount (if preferred) could increase the higher the level you are or just get the same amount of money. 2. add a new ability where every time you add a point to it, it makes you swim faster (swimmer for a name or something) 3. you could combine both those ideas. now those are the ideas I have so far but you can reply if you have different ideas. PROS- it gives reason for those who have everything maxed out to be on and grind and then the more people on grinding the higher the number of people on server and then people get attracted to the number of people and that how we get new players CON/PRO- this isn't an addition that will help encourage more RP, but its an addition to have more people on the server grinding instead of being afk and get new players. some of you might see it in a different way but that's how I see it.
  8. +1 this would be a great addition.
  9. hei

    yes I understand its not important, its just what I had in my mind and I felt like sharing it. but I 100% agree with you that it would create a toxic environment
  10. hei

    I see where you're coming from, but what I really mean is I think there should be more than 1 model for the knives, whether its free,ingame money or donator perk I just think having 1 model for the knife is boring
  11. Alright so I got an idea while I was at school, I think it would be cooler if Jund al sham would be able to buy knife models/skins. What I mean is like add something like CSGO skins (karambit,bayonet etc) or if not CSGO knife skins then maybe just other knife skins and then maybe add an NPC or a way to purchase those knife skins (I think it would be better to purchase with in game money than just give it for free) or maybe just open cases to get skins instead of to straight up buy them. I just think it would add a little more fun to the knives.
  12. hei

    +1, yes I've dealt with this before, it is very annoying having to redeploy cause I need cuffs