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  1. Blackout

    Tear Gas

    Item to be added: Tear gas Use: Tear gas would be used like any other grenade. How it would work: The Tear Gas would act like a grenade and temporarily blind those within range and make their sound go numb. It would also slowly do damage to those while within range and continue to do damage for moments after leaving range. When in use, you would see yellow thin smoke (similar to smoke grenades but much more transparent) until dissipating moments later. Benefit: Tear gas is commonly used by the Military and Police forces. It would add a lot more realism if it was added in game as well. Currently, there is no way to force people out of a location. People will rarely leave smoke. Frag grenades are temporary. And Flash grenades can be ignored. Tear gas would get people moving and actively thinking and adapting to their surroundings. They would also give people encouragement to use grenades more during raids and events.
  2. Blackout

    Guide originally created by Steve: So you have played long enough to capture a few flags and maybe sell a couple airdrops, what now? Well if you're interested in making a few dollars and leveling up that character, you're in the right place. To start you will need at least $2420.00. This will cover the expenses for x1 grow tub and x1 water sprinkler as well as a bag of seeds. Head on into town as a civilian and visit this gentleman to purchase these items. Once you've purchased them find yourself a plot of area away from pesky US troops and other growers where you can place them down. You'll need a decent area so do not try and set up in a small area. Begin by placing down the grow tub, as shown above, this is where your seeds will be planted. Now place your water sprinkler on top of the grow tub. You may find it easier to drop them both at the same time. You can now place your seeds by placing them in your Q-menu hotbar. If you run out of seeds, they can be purchased from the general store. Please note that you DO NOT have to buy another whole seed bag. Just click on the buy seeds button in the upper middle area. Now you need to add the water. Just simply press E on the sprinkler once and it will automatically water your Marijuana plants. If you click E again, the water will shut off and plants will not grow. You DO NOT need to press E multiple times, the system is automatic. Once your weed is grown (It takes roughly 8 minutes) You will see the plant has changed from "Press E to kill" to "Press E to Harvest" the weed will go directly into your inventory. Now its time to sell! There are a few Marijuana buyers scattered around the map (Press M to check where they are). This one is on the outside of the warehouse. Walk on over to the buyer and hit E and you'll sell whatever Marijuana is in your inventory. You'll receive $100 for every ounce you sell and 3 ounces per tub. You are not limited to a number of tubs so farm away!
  3. Blackout

    I can make branches

    I can currently make branches and I am not automatically put into Navy even though I connected my SteamID (haven't joined the server since I joined the forums yet)