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  1. NLN Racing will host their first official Tournament on 6/1/2019 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6:00 PM CST 7:00 PM EST 5:00 PM MT 1:00 PM CET ------------------------------------------------------------------------- This will be a B-Class tournament for REGISTERED MEMBERS ONLY! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you would like to register your team please click the link below and inform either Moon or AccornBuzz on Discord. Moon#9231 AcornBuzz#6874 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Car Classes can be found by clicking the link below and clicking "Car Classes" at the bottom of the screen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Have an Idea for a track? Then fill out the form to have a chance for your track to be in the rotation! (Info on the form)
  3. NLN Racing Official Changelog 6/1/2019 ADDED ------------------------------------------------------ -Fan Track Submissions -Form Improvements -NLN Racing Tag 3 New Tracks, ----------------- "Patrol" "Across the Bridge" "Raid Escape" WHAT TO EXPECT IN THE FUTURE ------------------------------------------------------ Better Tournament Brackets Fan Submitted Tracks More Tracks (Duh) Roster Revamp Our First Official Tournament
  4. Moon

    Includes all info for the Following Racing Teams Tracks Tournament Scheduling Car Classes NLN Racing Staff (More to be Added Later)