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  1. Brandon

    +1 Great Idea a small little Icon next to your tag or something would be great, it would show who's been in the certain branch for a period of time.
  2. Brandon

    +1 Its a good idea but it will be hard to implement I will stick with the +1 for the idea though!
  3. Brandon

    -1 Adding Civi clothing's will just add more work to do not just adding it for Delta force, we would need to change tali and add maybe a whole branch just to detect spy's In deed sometimes the U.S Special forces wear civi clothing but in this case there is no point in it. There is no Military Police for the tali also so there is no way for finding out if a U.S is a spy or not.
  4. Brandon

    the few.jpg

  5. Brandon

    After 6 tries it worked I don't know why it still popped up though.
  6. Brandon

    403 Issue

    Whenever I post things in General USMC Discussion this pops up
  7. Item I would like to have added: Adding No clide Back for player models Why do I want it added?: A lot of people go afk in the wrong places (Debrief, Spawn Areas) leaving us to awkwardly ignoring them and sometimes interfering with RP situations. Also making player models collided makes it way harder to spawn making them stuck together(players). Pros?: Able to walk through people that are afk in the middle of raids or moving people that are in bad places to go afk. Cons?: No Con's Additional Info?: This was added before and there were not a lot of complaints or any at all.
  8. Item I would like to have added: More role play events such as Hostage Negotiation where both sides role play as a negotiator and overall just having fun talking to the other side while role playing Why do I want it added?: I want it to be added because this server is a role playing server and people joining the server hopes to role play. Adding role playing events would give them a good motive to stay. Pros?: More action and role playing and overall just fun. Cons?: Events would take longer. Additional Info?: I have hosted player events with some other staff members and the feedback from everyone is good.
  9. Brandon

    Cant open SUPPORT

    Same thing pops up when I click Support Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0
  10. Brandon

    Just linked my steam acc and it pops up the same message
  11. Whenever I try to save my bio this message pops up Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0