Improvement Capture Point Issues


Some points on the map currently have a few issues I'd like to see fixed:


- The point capturing area seems to be a circle, which goes behind the wall at Kunduz. It's already against the rules to capture the point behind the wall, so why not prevent that area in the first place?


- It is possible to capture the point on the roof of the house. It is also possible for the point to be captured from the basement (I'm not sure that was the intention, seeing as the flag that denotes the point is on the top floor.)


- It is possible to capture the point just ouside of the control room.


- Some sections of this point are inside of the homes around the flag. I'm not sure if this was meant to be, but people can simply take cover while controlling it.


- Similarly to Village, players can capture the point in the building next to the flag.


- This point can be captured most of the surrounding area of the building.

From what I can tell, the capture points are circles. I think one way many issues surrounding where you can capture the points could be solved by changing the points to squares (Not sure if that's possible, if not, maybe a collection of smaller circles to fix where the point CAN be captured?)


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