Suggestion Ability to Turn Off Blur In Menus


Item I would like to have added:  Option to disable Blur in menus such as "Inventory", "Squad", "My Character", etc.
Why do I want it added?:  I would like this added to help those who have low-end/low-tier computers better manage their inventory, character, squads without suffering from critical FPS (Frames Per Second) stutters, freezes, potentially game crashes and server disconnections. It would give players with low-end/low-tier computers ability to navigate their menus and inventory much quicker when needed to do so, such as in a combat situation right after being revived.



+ People with low-tier PCs will be able to navigate the menus as quickly as someone with a much better computer.

As far as I can tell, I don't believe there are any cons that would effect the game-play aspect of the game, if at all.


Additional Info?: The best place for the option would be "FPS Boost", located with the rest of the options for boosting FPS.

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