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I know this sounds ironic, considering I frequently play MilRP servers, but I am god awful at shooting.

I propose a new job -  Embedded Journalist.

The EJ's job is to report on events in the server. They would run a newspaper that covers the important stuff. This has many benefits both in character and out of character. It promotes RP by making things feel that much more realistic. The heroes will headline the news and feel great, and the EJ's may expose corruption or other controversies in the server. There's a lot of juicy content to be made, and I'm confident the newspaper would get a lot of views and drive people to the forums so they can catch up on what happened while they were gone. I think the newspaper would be made biweekly starting off.

The EJ's would be tasked with taking screenshots and editing them to make quality pictures. I took a couple of pictures of the landscape of our beautiful map. Of course, most pictures would have soldiers in them, not just landscape pictures. But I will ensure that EJ's are familiar with good composition and other basics of photography. I've included those pictures at the bottom of the post.

It would make things much easier if the EJ could have a camera tool to disable the HUD. And I should say, EJ's will be very defensive and not get anywhere near firefights. If there was some way the camera could zoom in, that would be perfect

As for what I will do for the EJ's, I will be the head editor. I am certified in Adobe Photoshop, I will probably edit most pictures that any volunteers take. I will create templates for the newspaper, and edit the stories. As well as going out and getting content myself, since I imagine there will not be much people on board in the beginning.

One story coming up would be the NLN race, I will look for pictures and write a story about that.


(I watermarked the first picture, just as a proof of concept to show what they would look like with watermarks. I figure some pictures in the future could be used for the loading screen)




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+1, this sounds like it would be very fun to do as a civilian job. And it would add more RP to the server.

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