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Next Life Automation

[Community Forums] Version 1.102 available

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  • Migrated forum to new host, old host being used as load balancer.
  • Repaired Server Listing
  • Tightened security ciphers, minimum TLS version requirement of 1.1 now in effect.
  • Brought NLN Community Forum Security into compliance with PCI standards.
  • Fixed a link redirect in the forum footer
  • Fixed a possible redirect loop error
  • Changed cron frequency to allow maintenance tasks to run continuously, rather than on a timer or based on traffic.
  • Implemented Next Life Automation and DevOps artificial intelligence systems.
  • Added Development Advisor award


  • Secondary management login now in place to prevent abuse. Login must be received from NLN Automation/Web Development. Authorized Directors/Leads only.
  • Added additional administrative and moderation tools.


  • Changed ban appeal format to now include SteamID.
  • Updated MilitaryRP rules

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