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Military Police Announcement

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We are actively looking for talented individuals to assist in the leadership of the United States Military Police Corps. Anyone here from the Navy knows my policy on things like this. Military Police will be exercising an officer initiative program effective immediately. We are actively seeking the following:

  • Executive Officer, Colonel/BrigGen
  • Captain, All Operations
  • Second Lieutenant, 89th Combat Brigade Detachment
  • Warrant Officer Grade 1, 89th Combat Brigade Detachment
  • Chief Warrant Officer Grades 2 & 3, Rapid Response and Special Response Teams
  • Sergeant Major of the Military Police Corps (SMP), Senior Enlisted Advisor (All Operations)
  • Command Sergeant Major, Rapid Response and Special Response Teams
  • Command Sergeant Major, 89th Combat Brigade Detachment
  • Command Sergeant Major, Defensive Weapons and Tactics Division

If you believe you have what it takes to lead the Military Police, contact me immediately. High ranking positions that are outside of your scope of promotion will be made available through an interview in front of the board of senior commissioned officers and general officers. Officers who are interested from other branches should contact me about transfers.


If you have any questions in regards to the various Military Police detachments and operations, please seek out myself or one of my officers.

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I am Major Lyndon of the USMP, feel free to send me your inquiries on joining us.

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