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How to: Google Docs Embed

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We have added specific functionality to the forums to allow the embed of Google Docs. This helps to make rosters more publicly available etc.

Embedding a Google Doc is very simple. In your Google Doc, click File, then click "Publish to Web". From here, you will be presented a box that looks like this. 4c493f57c18e12a8afcd6c02959cd375.png

From here, we can specify what pages of a spreadsheet we want to share if we click on where it says "Entire Document" and select a specific page. Once you've set it the way you want it, making sure we are using the LINK and not the embed, click Publish, copy the link, and post it into a content edit area like a new post. The forum will automatically recognize the Google Doc link, and translate it into a full embed of your document based on your settings.

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