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[Military Roleplay] Version 1.3 available

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Added New Turf War Occupation System:

  • Teams can now occupy areas, Kunduz, Silo, Village
  • Look for occupation panels in these zones, you must be a high enough rank to use them.
  • To succesfully complete an occupation, you need at least 3 allies in the area and double the amount of allies as there are enemies in  the zone for 1.5 minutes
  • If an occupation is successful, it creates an FOB where teams can spawn and buy and store items,
  • Players can now build fortifications with a planning tablet and a hammer in their occupied zone
  • While USA has an area occupied, it makes the zone bubble a safezone, applying invulnerability to players 10 seconds after entering, and removing the invulnerability 10 seconds after leaving
  • Occupied zones can be raided, nullifying the invulnerability while the raid is active, successfully raiding will destroy the occupation.

Added civilian job Mechanic:

  • Vehicles no longer explode, instead they die, and remain on the map, they can also no longer be repaired in this state, EXCEPT by the mechanic.
  • Mechanic has a tow truck which they can spawn from the car shop, H to attach to a vehicle, up and down arrows to control the hook
  • They also have a tool they can use to fix dead vehicles which only works at their shop.


  • Raids/Events now have a defined timer which you can see by looking at any event starting tool, or holding tab if you're a high enough rank to raid.



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